As more consumers turn to online purchasing from retailers worldwide to support their lifestyles, they sometimes come across fake merchandise. This is often not intentional. The problem is that numerous online dropshipping and secondary manufacturers are willing to emulate popular products at much lower costs and quality control, leaving your brand vulnerable to lower-quality imitations.

This spike in new producers of counterfeit goods now accounts for 3.3% of global trade, according to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The best way to combat these practices is by introducing solid and comprehensive anti-counterfeiting techniques into your business operations, which could be anything as simple as tracking software to complex supply chain tracing, and Tianjian Tech is here to help.

The Challenges for Anti-Counterfeiting

There has been a lot of emphasis on international relations surrounding copyright and trademark infringement because so many products are being pirated. Manufacturers face many unique challenges that can hinder or harm their brand identity due to counterfeiting groups.

  1. Imperfect Anti-Counterfeit Regulations– Many countries do not implement stringent protections for their citizens or businesses created intellectual property. When they do, those regulations are not recognized by countries’ goods exported for retail sales.
  2. Inefficient Product Diversion Channels– In many cases, there aren’t any product diversion channels available to your supply chain so that when you do discover a potential counterfeit vulnerability, you cannot move fast enough to plug the hold or solve the problem from your location. If you contact local authorities, you may only run into roadblocks where this issue isn’t a high priority for their resources.
  3. Lack of Protections at Tail-End of Supply Chain– Even in the US, where IP protection and anti-counterfeit solutions are supposed to be extensive, many manufacturers run into the problem of tail-end protection in their supply chain. As a result, everyone from the retail manager or final client can find an opportunity to copy your product and create a brand of their own.

The Requirements for Anti-Counterfeiting Measurements

This isn’t a “quick fix” solution to counterfeiting in general, but there are many proactive opportunities companies can perform to minimize loss or stolen IPs. Some of the reasons these are not implemented are:

  1. Costs– There are typically high costs to implement a unique system for your supply chain. Many companies have a budget line item where they simply calculate what is acceptable to lose to counterfeiters instead of investing the high cost of proven anti-counterfeit solutions.
  2. Scalability – When they do find a solution that works for their company, they may still struggle because it isn’t scalable. Everything about a business needs to respond to the ever-changing whims of the open consumer marketplace. If you suddenly go viral because of a random social media post, you need your anti-counterfeit softwareto keep up with your sudden increase in production and demand.
  3. Compliance – These anti-counterfeiting techniques need to be aligned with compliance requirements as well. You cannot expect a company to shoulder the high cost of a new system that doesn’t fulfill the regulatory measures they must adhere to when manufacturing and shipping their goods.

Turn to the Experts at Tianjian Tech

The good news is that there is a simple and affordable solution, and that is the anti-counterfeiting software and systems from the proven experts at Tianjian Tech. We at Tianjian Tech have spent years developing tried and true anti-counterfeiting techniques that ensure your products can be easily tracked so you can deter any potential pirating.

  1. Closed-loop Management Throughout Supply Chain– We have a closed-loop management system that uses advanced software to trace your products all the way through the supply chain from the moment you package your goods to when they arrive at their intended destination.
  2. CloudBased Management Platform– This cloud-based management platform can be implemented with an easy-to-use smartphone application that gives you real-time updates all your shipment’s activity and progress.
  3. Online Data Acquisition– Tianjian Tech uses cloud and local servers to ensure data is quickly distributed to the correct user and accounts for verification and authentication of product delivery and shipment.
  4. Multi-Levels Management Module– Trusted team members throughout your product’s lifecycle can scan simple barcodes, QR labels, or more and instantly update stakeholders on the current status of your products and goods.

To get started with Tianjian Tech, reach out to our expert support staff to consult about how our advanced tracking and tracing systems can improve your anti-counterfeiting initiatives. You can contact Tianjian Tech through the official website, by phone, email, or through our social media. Our team is always ready to explain how advanced anti-counterfeit software and solutions can drastically improve a brand’s trust and public perception.