Consider for a moment what happens when a brand has its major products replicated by a lower quality knock-off. How disappointed would you be if you spent the same amount of money only to find that you don’t have the same product as what is advertised? Would you be likely to purchase from that brand again in the future?

This devaluing of a brand because of pirated goods and products is a serious industry problem. That is why implementing simple anti-counterfeiting solutions like tracing your products through the entire supply chain is such a good idea. It gives you a clear picture of where all your products are at any time and ensures you can identify where the gaps exist that you should work to close up so your brand’s reputation stays intact.

The Roles Digital Solutions Play in Product Traceability?

The ability to reliably track and follow goods and products as they move along the supply chain enables your team to glean precise information about where your products are located, if they are reaching the intended retailers, and any potential risks you may be overlooking. Traceability benefits include:

  1. Follow goods and products as they move along the value chain – Your team won’t have to guestimate location data because it is sent in real-time to your managers.
  2. Glean exact information about the products– Get better insight into different timing, resource allocation, and security measures throughout your supply chain based on your product’s movements.
  3. Respond faster to changes in demand – Be able to move products more effectively in cases of high or low demand because you have already created more efficient supply pathways due to enhanced tracking.

Without these insights, you cannot respond as quickly as you may like to any derivations from the planned supply chain. Using tracking technology goes a long way to ensuring each product lot or collection is proceeding where it should be.

What are the Features of a Digital Tracing System?

Introducing a trusted anti-counterfeit software system improves your company’s efficiencies. You don’t waste valuable time and money trying to track down all the different issues happening along your supply chain because the simple anti-counterfeiting solutions are already doing that for you in the background.

  1. Efficiency – Being able to trace your products accurately improves business efficiencies because it closes any slow-moving leg of your distribution networks due to your ability to see where those issues are occurring and then respond to the need.
  2. Resilience – Having higher tracing capabilities makes you more resilient to the changing whims of the marketplace. For example, you can choose to hold or move shipments based on elastic consumer demand.
  3. Responsiveness – When you respond to demand fluctuations, you’ll be able to move quickly because you have live data for where each shipment and product is currently located and can make adjustments with local distributors whenever you need to issue a change order.
  4. Sustainability – All of these improvements reduce CO2 emissions and cut down on unnecessary travel between destinations. Higher efficiency of resources means less operating costs and better environmental practices.

You are effectively creating barriers to counterfeiters based on smoother distribution channels and advanced tracking technology.

The Benefits of Integrating Digital Means to Track Products

When you introduce smooth anti-counterfeiting techniques into your branding, you are creating more opportunities for your company.

  1. Higher Growth– Tracking and tracing your products and responding to market trends ensures more efficient use of resources which allows for higher growth when demand arrives.
  2. Lower Costs – These efficiencies lower your operating costs and free up time and money for reinvestment into your business.
  3. Increased Market Share – The more company assets you have available to grow, the better your market penetration and ability to secure a greater share of your target audience.
  4. Better Return on Investments – The less you have to spend on securing your product’s shipping lanes, the more value you will be getting from this arm of your business.
  5. Improved Return to All Stakeholders – Your stakeholders will appreciate the secure growth and market share that translates to higher gains in their investment capital and projects a longer-lasting computer future.

Where to Get Started

All of these benefits are possible through the use of Tianjian Tech’s advanced anti-counterfeiting software and services. We provide bespoke solutions to your company and product tracking capabilities that ensure a stronger and more resilient response to market demands. We at Tianjian Tech have years of experience managing and developing new protections for your brand through the use of QR codes, smartphone applications, and centralized could-based solutions.

To get started with Tianjian Tech, visit our website and reach out to expert and professional support staff. They are more than happy to walk you through the processes they use to reduce product piracy worldwide. Their ability to get to the root of the problem and provide serialized tracing for your supply chain offers a significant advantage to keeping your brand clean from knock-off products so you can maintain a higher trustworthy relationship with your clients.