Tickets play a very important role in our lives, especially in business licenses, certificates, fire certificates, etc. The security and authenticity of these tickets are all related to our daily lives. Tianjian adopts the 3D multi-layer material of the national patent technology as the carrier, to “structural 3D code” which protected by the national standard and the national patent as the technical means, provide each ticket with a unique identity information, regulators and consumers can quickly identify and authenticate through the current information technology and mobile internet. Structural 3D code combines anti-counterfeiting features with “code” ,which can not only replace qr code but also have the function that qr code does not have. Most obviously, it comes with anti-counterfeiting features, no longer rely on the additional anti-counterfeiting features to identify the authenticity.

The structural, three-dimensional, unique, non-replicable, physical presentation of Structural 3D code gives each ticket a unique identification credentials. Structural 3D code can also be seamlessly interfaced with government platforms, allowing regulators to have evidence to check.

Security License Cases

Tianjian ticket complete solution has been applied to Hainan fire certificate and other documents, but also applied to Hainan pesticide law enforcement product tickets.