There is a lot of interest in hologram technology from people as this anti-counterfeit technology has become a significant source of revenue for many businesses. Some of the most innovative uses for holograms have been highlighted in this list:

  • Storage of mapping data for use by the military
  • Healthcare industry
  • Security and fraud detection
  • Art

In today’s anti-counterfeiting environment, hologram technology is becoming increasingly important because it combines authentication with detection, using three-dimensional projection, which can be seen easily with the naked eye.

The Negative Effect of Counterfeit Activities

Counterfeit indicates copying something true with the intention to steal, destroy, or replace the original, or to fool people into believing the fake is equal to or greater than the actual thing. As a result, brands whose products are being counterfeited suffer from the negative effects of counterfeit activities. These include:

  • The counterfeit products harm the brand image as renowned brands will face a sales hit once the problem becomes widespread since counterfeiters can undercut prices.
  • Consumers pay too much for low-quality products and are occasionally exposed to health and safety problems.
  • Governments lose tax money and enforce intellectual property rights at tremendous expense.

To prevent the use of counterfeit products, our team at Tianjian Tech introduced special holographic technology and hologram stickers.  

What is Hologram Technology, and Why Is It Used?

Holography is a unique form of photography where 3D objects are captured with a laser and then reconstructed to resemble the original. When lit by a laser, holograms may create a 3D clone of an item with all of its attributes.

Hologram stickers bearing the security hologram are commonly used on official documents, such as college degrees and certificates, to verify their legitimacy. Products and packaging can also feature them. With these stickers, manufacturers can ensure that their products are authentic.

Features of Hologram Technology

Holograms work by capturing the different interference patterns when two or more laser beams come together. Our hologram technology at Tianjian Tech includes several features that protect products from being ripped off, duplicated, or counterfeited. These include:

1. Standard Security Features

Standard security features protect and authenticate the goods. These make it almost impossible for the products and documents to be copied, faked, or tampered with. The most up-to-date laser technology and the best raw materials are used to make different types of holograms.

2. High-security Features

High-security features can be found in simple and complex forms with many images and help with counterfeits and profit losses.

With unique features like complex product protection, security against the product, and forensic security, brands rest easy knowing no one can steal their products. All these features offer multi-level protection.

3. Advanced Security Features

Advanced security features are frequently employed to secure products and prevent sensitive data from being compromised. These features prevent attackers from bypassing databases and reading sensitive data. The features are tough to manufacture and cannot be duplicated from a master hologram.

Application of Hologram Technology in Product Authenticity

Among the many applications of hologram technology are the healthcare sector, high-tech security, entertainment, video games, and schools due to the technology’s ability to combine authentication and detection.

Here we will introduce three applications that employ hologram technology for product authenticity:

1. Security Label

Our holographic label includes printed information such as corporate logos and serial numbers. This could be considered an additional layer of defense whereby authentication is provided via the microprint and holographic strip.

2. Security Thread

Brand gear is best protected by holographic security thread. At Tianjian Tech, we commonly employ woven garment labels to verify authenticity. Its advanced security measures enable brand owners to battle bogus items and protect the customers’ and manufacturers’ profits.

3. Tear Tape

When it comes to fast-moving consumer goods like groceries and toiletries, tear tapes are utilized to make it easier for customers to open the package. Tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars also benefit from tear tapes. Corrugated boxes and courier envelopes both include this material made by hologram technology.

Advantages of Hologram Technology in Securing Product

1. Aesthetic Hologram Design

The design shows that a hologram is a three-dimensional representation of a snapshot of light scattered off an object. However, when used in the context of digital design and combined with holograms, holograms are hypnotic in their ability to capture attention.

2. Multi Security Features

Due to the multiple security features, these holographic images or stickers vary in terms of compatible security. The low-security level has a standard security feature, and the high-security level uses an advanced security feature. These security levels differ since the elements used in each are unique and function differently.

The most common multi-security features include normal security, 2d/3d elements, kinetic elements, and flip flop elements.

3. Difficult to Counterfeit 

Under white light, the holographic color prints may appear to be conventional colors. However, when placed under a laser beam, these images can be projected onto a screen, making counterfeiting more difficult and allowing companies to detect and authenticate the products readily.

Holograms’ expanding anti-counterfeiting role resides in their capacity to combine authentication and detection—which is why companies are now depending on them.

4. Increase Brand Value

Anti-counterfeiting stickers and hologram images use the greatest hologram technology available. With this technology, companies can ensure that their customers get to the right place while purchasing.

The company’s brand image is carefully guarded, as no one outside the entity can imitate a highly secured product. In addition, customers are attracted by holographic displays, which help educate consumers about a product and create a personal relationship with the companies that sell it.

Where to Start?

With advancements in technology, companies are finding new ways to ensure that their product is as safe as possible, even if counterfeiting has grown prevalent.

Tianjin Tech, a one-stop anti-counterfeit solution leader with over 15 years of experience in the anti-counterfeiting industry, incorporates holographic technology to protect a brand or business. In addition to holographic and vinyl stickers, we at Tianjian Tech have produced high-tech products such as structural 3D codes, QR codes, and hot stamping foil.

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