All along, counterfeiting is like a cancer in the consumer market. Safety is essential for cosmetics that come into direct contact with the skin. Fake and shoddy daily necessities are light and damage to the skin, while the heavy is life-threatening. Tianjian daily solutions will be from the material, information and anti-counterfeiting technology, etc. to carry out a full range of three-dimensional combination, to provide a comprehensive application of anti-counterfeiting information solutions.

Tianjian adopts the three-dimensional multi-layer structure material which protected by national patent as the carrier, takes the “Authentic text” and the “structural 3D code” as the anti-counterfeiting technology, collects and organizes the basic information of the product through the “online collection system” with the “Integrated Information Management Platform” software, Realize the integrated management of daily chemical enterprises from raw material procurement, production, logistics, sales and so on. “Integrated information management platform” software system provides inventory management, traceability management, shipping intelligent early warning, multi-level channel management, marketing management, member management, big data analysis and other functions, to achieve the integration of internal resources and enterprise-related external resources, can be enterprise salutation, wealth, goods, production, supply, marketing and the corresponding product source, Logistics, information flow, capital flow, management flow and so closely integrated to achieve resource optimization and sharing.

At the same time, Tianjian has added the functions of WeChat small program to sweep the warehouse management, points mall, marketing rebate management and so on, to realize the information and scientific management of product procurement, production and sales data management, and to improve the overall information management level of enterprises.