Food safety is related to the health and safety of all mankind.

In recent years, counterfeit and shoddy food has flooded the market, especially in the vast rural areas. Which caused consumers and genuine manufacturers great economic losses and reputational damage. Enterprises urgently need a set of effective mechanism and anti-counterfeiting system that can manage the circulation of products in the market. Tianjian food solutions can help with that!

Tianjian adopts the three-dimensional multi-layer structure material which protected by national patent as the carrier, takes the “Authentic text” and the “structural 3D code” as the anti-counterfeiting technology,gives each product a unique authentication information, so as to achieve “one thing, one code and one characteristic”, Let each product unique anti-counterfeiting feature information accompany the entire life cycle of the product.

Tianjian not only provide anti-counterfeiting identification carrier, but also provide enterprises with logistics management, inventory management, traceability management, intelligent early warning of goods, multi-level channel management, marketing management, member management, big data analysis and other functions as one of the “integrated information management platform” software system. Integrated information management platform multi-interface access, can unify management of production, logistics, sales. online collection make data more accurate, shipping intelligent early warning function make the whole people to participate in the fight against counterfeiting and market supervision, multi-level channel management and member management , let enterprises know who the products are sold to, Who buys what products from any place, effectively manages marketing channels, and marketing management enables enterprises to achieve digital marketing, more accurate distribution activities, improve sales, and ultimately form a closed loop from enterprises to dealers, to end stores, to consumers’ overall marketing management.