①Your Logo

②Variable QR code and scan it to enter the interface of your company

③Random serial number can use to verify the authenticity

④Multiple ways of verification

⑤Patented multi-layer structural material

⑥Customized security shading

⑦Security characters can be chosen accordingly


1. The sticker with scratch area, and we can print the security code under the coating.

2. You can scratch off the coating to obtain the security code, then checking the authenticity by scanning the qr code.

3. Each label has a unique QR code, which can realize product verification, shipping management and traceability.

4. The sticker is available to be customized (unique logo, serial numbers , graphics, security features, etc.)

5. Avoiding counterfeiting, protecting products against tampering and combating fraud.

6. Attractive and eye-catching design, make your brand unique.


Product Application

Wide Range of Applications, such As electronic equipment, home appliances, rental equipment, computers, laptops and so on