A digital anti-counterfeit solution is a service that can help your brand make sure consumers are not being ripped off. When using software that knows the difference between a real and fake product, digital counterfeiting becomes much harder to pull off. The benefits of the digital anti-counterfeit solution are faster response times, higher accuracy rates, and more efficient outcomes.

With so many counterfeit products flooding the global market, it’s important to have a digital solution to combat them. In this article, we will go over how a digital anti-counterfeit solution with a loyalty program works in simple steps.

How Does Digital Anti-Counterfeit Solution Work?

Digital anti-counterfeit solution with a loyalty program solves the problem of fake and illicit products. It’s an industry-leading solution that combines digital anti-counterfeiting technology, digital product authentication, and a mobile app, which work together to serve every stage of the supply chain.

  1. Scan to Verify the Product

Digital anti-counterfeit solution with loyalty program scan to verify the product. It can accurately identify each product’s authenticity by scanning it. The scanner captures the product information and shows it in a clear, easy-to-understand format. Every scan is recorded and can be retrieved to verify the product information throughout the supply chain.

  1. Earn Loyalty Points On the Purchase of Your Product

With the loyalty program, customers will earn loyalty points on each purchase. Every time a customer verifies a product, he’s also allowed to receive special offers and promotions. This is one of the most powerful ways to reach customers, especially when they’ve just bought a product.

  1. Redeem Loyalty Points

With the loyalty program, customers who verify a product will earn loyalty points. These points can be used to get special offers and promotions for the product or to get gifts and rewards.

The Features of Digital Anti-Counterfeit Program

Digital anti-counterfeit solution is a digital program that offers every stakeholder to provide and maintain digital assets. There are many features of this digital anti-counterfeit program, which includes the following:

  1. AI-Based Security: Prevent imitators to sell fakes under your brand

Digital anti-counterfeit solution with loyalty program adopts AI-based security based on machine learning and AI that provides different features to detect duplicates. In addition, such algorithms also allow the application to understand the behavior of users.

  1. Product Information and Custom Landing Pages: Improve branding with integrated programs

Sharing the product information, custom landing pages, and using text messaging are also among the features of a common digital anti-counterfeit solution. For example, the digital anti-counterfeit software program will direct consumers to the product information by tapping the customer can be offered on a landing page, which also allows the digital anti-counterfeit program to maintain its integrity.

  1. Data Collection: Win the hearts and minds of your consumers by protecting them

The digital anti-counterfeit software program will thoroughly check all of the data that the digital anti-counterfeit software program has collected on the internet traffic. Then, it will go through a deep analysis to get consumer and product data at hand.

This is the digital anti-counterfeit software program’s recommendation to prevent product information from being tampered with and guarantee product safety.

  1. Contests and Referral: Increase your consumer base with top contests and loyalty

The digital anti-counterfeit software program supports a variety of competitions and referral programs to reward consumers so that customers can win various wonderful rewards. This builds up their enthusiasm and encourages them to purchase more authentic goods, which will eventually lead to good normative and market order.


With the development of recent years, international counterfeiters have recognized the convenience of online shopping and have begun to rewrite product information on the internet. The digital scale solution provided by Tianjian Tech can effectively protect brand-name products from counterfeiting, providing consumers with a more convenient and safe online purchasing experience.

The premier anti-counterfeit solution provider, Tianjian Tech, is a leader in enterprise-level anti-counterfeit solution technology and provides enterprises with turnkey solutions to combat counterfeit products. Tianjian Tech’s comprehensive product line includes products to validate and verify the authenticity of the following: cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol, medicine, etc.

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