The national standard press conference of ” Structure 3D Code” has just ended,People are still immersed in the joy of the new anti-counterfeiting standards. The famous Chinese inventor Li Feng led the team of Tianjian and took “Structure 3D Code” to the 15th SDS2019 Security Technology Exhibition and Summit Forum held in Beijing on December 10, 2019.


Through this exhibition and the summit forum, people learned what is the real ” Structure 3D Code “. The appearance of the ” Structure 3D Code ” technology has injected fresh blood into the Internet of Things and blockchain,also provided further protection for the authenticity and security of the data, It not only protects the brand and intellectual property rights, but also cracks down on counterfeit and shoddy, It has broad application prospects.


The experts believes that the implementation of the national standard “Structured 3D Code” not only realizes the in-depth integration of codes and labels in terms of technological innovation, but also realizes the organic combination of physical anti-counterfeiting technology and information technology,  which makes consumers feel Easy to identify .