Tianjian, as a security sticker manufacturer, supplies a variety of security labels. The hologram tamper evident sticker, one of the featured products at Tianjian, possesses attractiveness and anti-counterfeiting function.
Except for the optical effect, the hologram void label can be combined with printing, fluorescent color, micro-text and other technologies, with aesthetic appearance and anti-counterfeiting effects. 


Product name 

 Holographic security void label


 Diameter 25mm or customized




 Warranty security label


 Holographic sticker, tamper proof sticker


 Anti-counterfeit ,Warranty seal label, void label, broken if removed

 Custom Order


 Place of Origin

 Hainan, China

 Substrate material

 80g glassine

 Custom order



 Silver, yellow, blue, green, etc.


 Round, rectangle or customized


 Roll or sheet



 Surface finishing 


As one of the professional security labels manufacturers in China, our top priority is to provide high-quality and beautiful security stickers for customers. We mainly offer three types of stickers: tamper-void stickers, honeycomb stickers, and non-destroyed stickers.

①Tamper VOID
It will leave “VOID” when someone removed the sticker. It is usually used for sealing the packaging, indicating the seal is already broken.
The honeycomb pattern would appear when peeled off.
When you removed the sticker, it can be peeled completely.


What Are the Characteristics of the Void Labels?

1. When the void label is removed, these labels leave a hidden message stuck to the surface, identifying the package or product tampering.
2. This label have unique image on the void surface, which gets imprinted on the surface even after peeling off.
3. Unique serial number can be printed on the void label.
4. The hidden messages such as “Opened” can be customized.
5. Avoiding counterfeiting, protecting products against tampering and combating fraud.


Competitive Advantage
1. Unique and eye-catching design.
2. High strength adhesive.
3. Scuff and scratch resistance.
4. PET or PVC, water proof and use in the moisture and damp weather.
5. Custom design and package is available in sheet and roll.