Tianjian Verification QR security label (The National Standard Number is GB/T37470-2019)

What is Verification QR Security label? A verification QR Security label contains many anti-counterfeiting elements, which is 3D QR code, Scratch off number, Series number. You can use this label to verify the anthenticity for your products.

The Verification QR Security label with unique scatch off number and series achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting. Furthermore, the label is customizable, fully suited to the aim of product advertising.

We have an independent research institute and professional technical team to provide you with anti-counterfeiting, shipping management, promotion and other services.


1. The Verification QR Code Security label stands out for adopting proprietary structural material, which has gained an international invention patent. The 3D QR code security label is high-security for anti-forgery. They are hard to counterfeit and the holographic visual effect attracts customers.

2. The anti-counterfeiting elements and information sets are randomly physically carved on the material

3. Each label has a unique serial number, users can scan QR Code and input serial number to verify genuine products.

4. Peel off the label to get the verification code, enter verification code to participate in various promotions.

5. Allowing customers to customize the LOGO shape, unique personality.

Software service: 

1. Self-developed software management platform to meet customers’ various software requirements, such as traceability, marketing and delivery management.

2. Our company uses multiple sets of servers for data sharing and backup to ensure data security and system stability.

3. Three sets of cloud servers (Amazon Cloud, Alibaba Cloud & Tencent Cloud), one local server (four local power supply systems are used locally), and one national four-star IDC computer room server (on the national network trunk road).

How to verify the product with our software services?

Step1 Scan the QR code to verify the authenticity by mobile phone.

Step2 Verify the authenticity follow the instructions.

Step3 Click “AI Verification” to further verify authenticity.

Step4 Confirm if it is genuine.


Alcohol, Cigarette, Medicine, Food, Gifts, Bottle beverage, etc.