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Packing Sealing Adhesive Transparent Anti-counterfeit Rainbow Holographic Cigarettes Tear Tape

Wide range of applications, such as tobacco product, express envelope, fabric, daily chemicals, stationery, special paper, flexible packaging products, tag poker, tea, medicine, etc.

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Tear tape, is an easy opening tool for all types of goods, also be used for security purpose. we produce various kinds of tear tapes like self-adhesive, Pressure Sensitive and plain tear tape.


1. Can tear apart all type of overwrapped packages.

2. A great marketing tool.

3. Cost-effective solution to most packaging applications

tear tape 1

Tear tape is compounded on the original packaging material.

Rainbow appearance, improved the packaging grade.

Quickly identify the product's authenticity by the anti-counterfeiting feature on the tear tape.

We are able to supply every length, core and width according to your needs.

Our professional designer will help you to design the patterns as your needs.

Free samples are available with collect account.


1. Material: PET, MOPP 

2. Adhesive Side: Single Side

3. Printing: Offer Printing

4. Place of Origin: Hainan, China

5. Available in a variety of lengths, widths and colors.



Applications: Tobacco product, express envelope, fabric, daily chemicals, special paper, flexible packaging products, tag poker, medicine, advanced gallery, audiovisual products, rope-like product identification.





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