Let’s watch the video to see more details of the tear tape.


Our tear tape for packaging has multiple anti-counterfeiting benefits. It provides a quick & easy opening tool for package protection and enhances your brand popularity.

We are committed to making the packaging of your products more novel, elegant in appearance, and more convenient by opening the packaging.

  1. High wear resistance and tear strength – Made of PET/PVC material. The laser tear tapeis high in wear resistance and easy to tear.
  2. Perfect sealing for a packaging – An easy opening device for the consumer. It will be noticed if the tear tapesealing is torn. Therefore, it’s a perfect packing tool for protecting your products.
  3. Complete protection against the tampering – The mark of tearing would be evident if it is being tempered.
  4. Easy to apply – The tear tape is easy to apply to the packaging of the products, easy to use and secure.


①Tear tape is used on packaging material such as cigarettes, medicine and other products.  

②The tear strip can supply in any length, width and color as you need.

③The authenticity of the product can be identified by the anti-counterfeiting features on the tear tape.

⑤Custom design of the tear strip for you according to your requirements.

⑥Free sample is available and orders in small quantities are acceptable.



 Tear tape


 Bopp, also could provide PET, PVC as your need. 


 Customized, we could provide 0.7/0.8/1/1.5/2/2.5 mm, etc. as your need.


 Golden or customized as your need.


 Your Logo or general design


 Easy opening the packing
 Sealing use
 Heat-Resistant and water-proof 

 Security Features

 Micro text, QR code and anti-fake character, etc.


 Transparent, gold, silver color /custom logo /holographic

 Length of roll

 5000-10000m per Roll

 Applicable Industry

 Tobacco, Medicine, food, etc.



They are widely applicable to the packaging of cigarettes, cards, food, medicines, stationery, audio-visual products, etc.