Tianjian General QR code security label (The National Standard Number is GB/T37470-2019)

 What is General 3D QR Security label? A General 3D code security label contains many anti-counterfeiting elements,  which is 3D QR code, Hot-stamping process, Security character. You can use this label to verify the  anthenticity for your products.

 The General 3D code security label with unique series number and security character of the effect of anti-  counterfeiting.

 We have an independent research institute and professional technical team to provide you with anti-counterfeiting,   shipping management, promotion and other services.


  1. Specialtypatterns combineStructure 3D QR code, anti-counterfeiting characters, totally secure.
  2. Make the packaging unique, shiny and high qualityto increase your product’s value.
  3. The Hot stamping foil can also be used for interactive marketing purposes.
  4.  All these hot-stamping foil, once transferred to the surface, cannot be removed. 
  5. Fully customized graphics are available.
  6. It can be integrated into a management system.
  7. Wecan accept variety of designs and sizes.

 Software Services

Step1 Scan the QR code to query authenticity by mobile phone.


Step2 Verify authenticity according to above prompts

  1. Verify authenticity
  You can easily detect counterfeit by hand touching and AI recognition system.
  2. Marketing campaigns
  We can offer a variety of online software service such as online games, lucky draw (Red envelopes, points), etc.
  We have independent research institutions and technology development team to meet the needs of customized     software, such as traceability, delivery management, dealer management, and intelligent warning of fleeing goods,   etc.


Alcohol, Cigarette, Medicine, Food, Gifts, Bottle beverage, etc.