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⑤Structural 3D code

1. It is the proprietary multi-layer structural material.
2. Different parts of the character are randomly presented with different heights and different colors structural features.
3. There is security thread on the label.
4. Each label is three-dimensional, Structural and NON-REPRODUCIBLE.


Software Services

Step1 Scan the QR code to query authenticity by mobile phone.


Step2 Verify authenticity according to above prompts

1. Verify authenticity
You can easily detect counterfeit by hand touching and AI recognition system.
2. Marketing campaigns
We can offer a variety of online software service such as online games, lucky draw (Red envelopes, points), etc.
We have independent research institutions and technology development team to meet the needs of customized software, such as traceability, delivery management, dealer management, and intelligent warning of fleeing goods, etc.




National and International patents.


The structural 3D code is physical and structural, it’s unviable to be copied.

The thread enhances the security of the label.

Information entry

Secure information entry


Scan the 3D code can verify the authenticity.

Software service

Track and trace solutions, big data collection, analysis and precise marketing.


Quick Detail


Patent material for multi-layer structure


Adhesive Sticker




35mm diameter or customized

Industry Application

Alcohol, Cigarette, Medicine, Domestic appliance, Cosmetic, Ticket, etc

Other Available

UV print, 3D code


Competitive Advantage

1. This structural 3D code label is an innovative product, which is combined multi-layer patented material with latest productive technology, making it unviable to be copied. 
2. Each 3D code is unique, eco-friendly and three-dimensional. It is protected by national standard and international patent.
3. We can provide application to scan the QR code and verify the authenticity of the sticker.
4. It can also link to your website to view other products and promote your products, trace the original sources, warehouse and data management.