Hot stamping adhesive labels are used on a wide range of products to create decorative finishes. It conveys that your product is high quality and elegant. We can provide one-stop solutions for you.


1. Specialty patterns is colorful qr code combines unique characters, totally secure and out of reach of the counterfeiters.

2. The QR code is variable, which allows you to link to your website, a video, image or any promotional material.

3. This label with strong laser. When seen from different angles, the colors of light will move & change.

4. We can make your logo or Words on the hologram label

5. If you need more special craft, we can make gold / silver stamping, hot/cold stamping, silk screen printing, embossing, UV spot etc.


1. Material options: Paper or Synthetic resins (BOPP / PE / PET / PVC / PP)

2. Adhesive: Permanent or removable

3. Finishing options: Glossy / Matte lamination / Hot stamping / Varnish

4. Color: various kinds of color of PET foils are available, it is up to you.

5. Shape: custom die cut shape

6. Water proof and sticky. Strong stickness, durable.



Hot stamping hologram for documents security, certificate protect, paper material, PVC cards and so on.