The proliferation of counterfeiting in this technologically driven era has led to major adverse effects on the market. According to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2018-2020, the amount of total counterfeiting globally has reached 1.82 Trillion USD by the year 2020, which includes counterfeiting of high-end consumer goods[1]. Thus, new approaches must strengthen to fight against illegal counterfeit goods.


A hologram sticker is such a countermeasure giving a visual effect that has a 3D image inside it. In general, such stickers are used in security applications through master hologram replications. And this article will cover what hologram sticker is and what makes it a widely chosen anti-counterfeiting solution worldwide.

Hologram Stickers Boost Brand Protection

Custom hologram security stickers are printed using specific equipment and material supplies. As a new anti-counterfeiting measurement, a hologram sticker coated with photoresists material comprises different laser patterns for security purposes. Besides, hologram stickers come in many different types with distinct features; they are QR security labels with hologram strips, variable QR code holographic security labels, hologram 3D code security labels, registered hologram hot stamping foil, and holographic security thread with carving letters.



  1. QR Security Label with Hologram Strip

Quick response code hologram, also called QR code hologram, has two basic elements, i.e., hologram images and QR code system. If the QR code is simply for verification purposes, then the hologram image is for unique security purposes. The randomly rotating text is carved adopting the patented production process, physical measures included. The great combination of them can provide cutting-edge security precautions for brands and have a user interaction purpose.


  1. Variable QR Code Holographic Security Label

A variable QR code holographic security label is created using variable data in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Variable data is presented on the holographic security label using the dot matrix system. Different QR hologram codes can be inserted into the dynamic image as well.


  1. Hologram 3D Code Security Label

In hologram 3D code security labels, holograms are intrinsically suited to be the best option for 3D-coded structural diagrams. The content generation can be used for display and digital holography. Similarly, hologram QR codes can be embedded in the content as well.


A multi-layer hologram with a minimum of two different images is used to manufacture the hologram 3D code security label. It combines the optical medium with the photosensitive layer to create a multi-layer body for the security element.


  1. Registered Hologram Hot Stamping Foil

Here in registered hologram hot stamping foil, each image is marked in a way that the machine can easily sense the shading. This sensing ensures that the same image is printed in the same way on each label. As such, brands can get a stamped design for the security label based on its unique product image.


Structural 3D patterns can also be made on the hologram strip using hot stamping foil. These 3D patterns are usually derived from something that uniquely represents a business or a firm. The 3D light field is reproduced through diffraction to generate the final 3D pattern.


  1. Holographic Security Thread with Carving Letters

QR codes can be carved on the holographic security thread to ensure better tagging of products, security, tracking shipments, etc. The QR code is unique for each product, ensuring accurate tracking of the data.


In addition, micro-letters are carved on the holographic thread using fluorescent techniques. The thread allows for both graphic and design customization. The text can refer to the company’s tagline or mention its name, allowing for a unique tagging of the products.


Strengthen to Fight Against Counterfeiting with Hologram Stickers

By using hologram stickers, counterfeiting is impossible through optical scanning by computer, which ensures that they are a cost-effective security approach in nature. The embedded security features in the hologram stickers are secure and apply only to the original product that is tagged. Only the actual product that is tagged can have the hologram sticker. As such, they offer one of the quickest methods to authenticate the product.


With 3D structures, micro text, and images embedded, the company can use this product tagging method to increase its brand awareness in consumers. In addition, the extra security and increased elegance of the product packaging due to the use of hologram stickers ultimately increase the perceived value of the products.


Consumers consider the product to offer better value for money through the added, embedded security measures. Similarly, it gives a sense of modernism to its procedures, making it a favorite amongst customers looking for innovative firms that offer modern products and services.


Tianjian Tech Boosts Anti-Counterfeiting Measures to Protect Brand

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  1. Robust Data Shaping and Backup Features

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