No matter what industry you are in, you want to protect your product at any cost. Yet, some shortcut seekers always try to cash in on your good name and high quality. It is essential to employ techniques that can help distinguish your original product from the forgeries.

By 2021, the global anti-counterfeiting market is expected to witness brisk growth over the forecast period owing to increasing awareness regarding anti-counterfeiting measurements. Among the various techniques used in product protection, the most common and the most effective technique in today’s world is hot stamping label.

What are Hot Stamping Labels for Security Purpose?

A holographic hot stamping foil is a lithographic dry printing process in which pre-dried ink or foils are applied to a surface at high temperatures. Since its emergence in the nineteenth century, the non-polluting technique has evolved to incorporate a wide range of colors and procedures.

In most cases, the hot stamping machine heats an engraved mold or die, which subsequently forces marking foil into the surface, producing beautiful, embossed designs on components and assemblies in post-production.

Hot stamping foils are composed of a color layer (either pigment or metallic), an adhesion base, and a release layer. Digital printing advancements even allow for the hot stamping of 3D graphics using holographic foil. It is widely employed on plastic and paper (where it is a typical method in security printing). Still, it may also be used for other materials, e.g., paper, leather, plastic, cloth, and iron, etc.

Different Types of Hot Stamping Foil Security Label

1. Hot stamping 3D code security sticker

Hot stamping 3D code security sticker with registration marks adds an extra layer of security to paper certificates, printed paper labels, envelope seals, packing boxes, PVC cards, and tickets. It is not removable after hot stamping and may be modified in thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 15mm. Imitation is complex due to advanced holographic technology. Meanwhile, a bespoke holographic strip is imprinted onto a paper label to create a single label, allowing businesses to save money and labor.

2. The QR code holographic sticker

This kind of hot stamping label gives the product a one-of-a-kind identity. This is a powerful advertising method, authenticating, tracking, tracing items, and successfully eliminating counterfeit products. Not only do we have QR printers, but we also have TTR and UV printers that can print a sequence of serial numbers and barcodes on a gorgeous holographic sticker.

Significant Uses of Hot Stamping Stickers

Hot stamping foil dates all the way back to the 1890s, when the technique was employed on leather and paper. It is now more commonly used on plastic and, of course, to produce labels. Food and beverage items are typical applications for hot foil stamping. Following are the products where hot stamping foil security measurement is used:

1. Confidential documents

Hot stamping security stickers are sophisticated and innovative anti-counterfeiting support for documents of value. Various confidential documents, e.g., bond certificates, share certificates, receive strong anti-counterfeiting support from hot stamping labels. 

2. Plastic products

Hot stamping labels for plastic surfaces have a very effective anti-counterfeiting function as well as a very beautiful aesthetic appearance, not to mention their applications in clothes, weaving, and other textile goods.

3. Credit cards

One of the most common applications of hot stamping stickers is high-security credit card. When incorporated with a custom design pattern or logo, hot stamping stickers can be of great value in protecting this card from being counterfeited.

4. Textile garments

As earlier stated, hot stamping labels not only add security assurance on products but also mark beauty. Hot stamping foil is also used on coated products without causing damage to the coating. As a result, it makes everything from documents and credit cards to cosmetic packaging and textile garment products secure.


Hot stamping label designed for tobacco package is a great way to prevent the smuggling and counterfeiting of the products. By adding a hot stamping label in a tobacco package, cope with traceability system, we can test to tell where a cigarette has come from.


In the field of cosmetics, counterfeit cosmetics may turn a pleasurable purchase into a potentially risky one. The hot stamping security label applied to the cosmetic package has complex holograms and 3D matrix codes embedded, which benefits cosmetics producers and consumers from protecting their rights from counterfeiting.


Advantages of Using Hot Stamping

  1. Anti-counterfeiting measurement

Hot stamping is a superb anti-counterfeiting method, which provides high-quality results since adhesion bases are designed to have a stronghold on product surfaces independent of the pigment or metallic color of the foil. It cannot be photocopied as scanning will scan only one dimension, while other holographic parts will not be scanned, making it hard to replicable.

  1. Exclusive

In the field of anti-counterfeiting measurement, metallic foil or holographic foil made up of multiple layers are applied to the products. A wide selection of metallic hues and tones protect the authenticity of the products and are available to add a sense of aesthetic and exclusive feel to your products.

  1. Patented design

Hot stamping is necessary for two main reasons. Vibrant graphics may help in terms of customer perception. Glitter and shine can help make labels and packaging more apparent. Another reason is to protect your product and important documents against forgeries and counterfeiting. It is very difficult to scan and recreate a hot-stamped seal.

  1. Interactive marketing

One of the primary advantages of hot foil stamping is its lustrous appeal that attracts consumers. It also lays the foundations for product confidence. Tianjian Tech also specially offers the service that consumers can scan using a smartphone to check the authenticity of a product. They can even jump to your website to further explore the product info, which perfectly plays for interactive marketing purposes.


Tianjian Tech for All Your Hot Stamping Needs

Tianjian Tech is a full-fledged hot stamping labels maker. We at Tianjian Tech work with the latest technology to create beautiful and fully secured labels, including QR Codes and 3D holographic stickers. With more than 200 patents, we are industry leaders in protecting your products using hot stamping technology. Learn more about our products and services here: