Product counterfeiting and grey market activities have inspired a new way to receive anti-counterfeiting support: security labels. By allowing people to test for product authenticity while getting an insight into where it comes from and how it gets obtained. These countermeasures support security and efficiency for everyone involved.

As numerous products in the market are being counterfeited, the sustainability of a product in particular and a company as a whole comes into question. While corresponding to that, an estimate of global net sales tax lost due to counterfeiting was seen to be around $70 to $89 billion each year, and the resultant displacement of economic activity results in net job losses of 2 and 2.6 million worldwide in 2013. Meanwhile, it is projected to reach 4.2 to 5.4 million by 2022. [1] Counterfeit trade takes away revenue from firms. It can also jeopardize the market.

As technology and counterfeiting practices advance, innovative anti-counterfeiting label that include hard-to-replicate features can now help to provide ultimate security. Tianjian Tech’s structural 3D QR code security label, for example, delivers a multicolored and structural pattern that enhances the security level. AI verification meanwhile allows authentication at the regulator and user end using a scanner mechanism. This kind of technology breakthrough will increasingly play a vital role in leading to quicker countermeasures in case of any critical damage.

Offering Seamless Authentication and Security

Structural 3D QR code security labels can be programmed to include information about where the product is sourced from and a unique identifier or QR code. This technology is being used to verify the authenticity of alcohol, cosmetics, food, tobacco, and even license.

The proprietary technology of Tianjian Tech in the structural 3D QR code security label comprises the multilayer structure and an internationally patented material – the technology approved by national standards. This multilayered structure is essential for what enables it to be distinguishable from counterfeit copies. The patented paper layers might follow white, green, red, and blue material layers. Each layer’s unique color makes it identifiable from fake counterfeits. Besides that, the materials used are also eco-friendly, making them safe for the environment.  

The authentic text is stored in a security label, ensuring no counterfeit information gets carried alongside the product. Authentic text in a structural 3D QR code security label can be used as a security raster in an image to further enhance security. Thanks to the digital feature of the labels, this text can be verified anywhere and whenever through the mobile phone that can retrieve the data stored on the structural 3D QR code and make authentication in barely a few seconds.  

Providing Improved Authentication for Everyone

Amid different advantages offered by structural 3D QR code security labels, the most significant one is that the structural 3D QR code holds data to make it easier for verifiers to know where it is sourced from.

Each structural 3D QR code has a unique pattern, color, and feature design, making them different from each other in numerous perspectives, such as feeling concavo-convex when touched by hand. Apart from that, the product is also distinguishable as a proprietary technology of Tianjian Tech.

Last but not least, the structural 3D QR code security label is compatible with nearly all forms of goods and products, making it applicable to highly versatile products, such as food and cosmetics. Along with the unique software system support of Tianjian Tech’s professional technical team, the optimum one-stop solution is built within the structural 3D QR code security label for all anti-counterfeiting needs.

Having introduced the ultimate benefits offered by structural 3D QR code security label, we will hereby introduce you to the case regarding what will include in Tianjian Tech’s anti-forgery software system:

Step 1. Scan the structural 3D code

Step 2. Click the button ‘Authenticity Query’

Step 3. Scratch the silver coat

Step 4. Input the serial No.

Step 5. Start AI Verification

Step 6. Pass Authenticity Query


The Tianjian Tech structural 3D QR code security label is an incredible product that you can put your trust in to keep counterfeiters at bay. We have a self-governing research center, regulated production management system, and experienced technical team. If you are keen on our products, visit our website now or contact us if you have any queries in mind.


[1] International Chamber of Commerce. The Economic Impacts of Counterfeiting and Piracy: Report prepared for BASCAP and INTA [Document]. International Chamber of Commerce, 2016. Google.