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Oficiāli ieviests nacionālais standarts "Strukturālo 3D kodu viltošanas apkarošanas tehniskie nosacījumi"

Laiks: 2019-12-02 Rezultāti: 43

People's Daily Beijing, Dec. 2 (Xing Zheng).In recent years, China's anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting products have been used in many fields, and have played an increasingly prominent role in protecting consumer rights, protecting brands, establishing a fair market order, and building a social integrity system. At the same time ,it providing strong support for the protection of intellectual property rights and combating counterfeiting. Anti-fake technology and anti-fake labels products are increasingly being used by industries in need.

Līdz ar inovācijām un anti-fake tehnoloģiju un anti-fake izstrādājumu attīstību tiek nepārtraukti pilnveidota arī anti-fake industrijas standartizācijas sistēma Ķīnā , padarot standartus aizvien nozīmīgāku, lai vadītu un regulētu efektīvu anti-viltojumu piemērošanu.

What is "structural 3D code"? According to Li Feng, general manager of Hainan Tianjian  Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd., the main drafter unit introduced ,"Structural 3D code" use structural multilayer paper , integration the anti-fake elements and information ,  to carve anti-fake elements and information sets randomly in physical way, so that different parts randomly present structural features of different depths and colors, use AI intelligent identification to identify the structural combination features formed by this technology.

"Structural 3D code" is an innovative development of QR code technology. It combines physical anti-fake with information technology better to solve the problem of easy replication of ordinary QR code, and has the characteristics of structural, tridimensional, unique and difficult replication.

Li Feng said that the emergence of "structural 3D code" technology injected fresh blood into the Internet and blockchain, provided further guarantee for the authenticity and security of data, and had a better application prospect.

In view of this, Yin Minghan, inspector of the standard Technology Department ,General Administration of market supervision ,thought that  the national standard of "Structural 3D Code Anti-fake Technical Conditions "stipulates the technical requirements for the term and definition, product classification, product appearance quality, product characteristic index, anti-fake identification feature, test method and inspection rules, and is another important national standard in the field of anti-fake in China. It is of great significance to guide the technical popularized and applied and regulating the production and inspection of related products.

Liu Zhuohui, President of China anti-fake Industry Association and chairman of national anti-fake Standardization Technical Committee, pointed out that "structural 3D code" is a further innovation of 2D code technology. In the development process from bar code, QR code to "structural 3D code", it has experienced the development process from line -surface -space. Barcode and ordinary QR code are easy to be copied, so there are some risks in the anti-fake application process.

It is worth mentioning that the implementation of the national standard "Structural 3D Code Anti-fake Technical Condition" not only in the aspect of technical innovation has realized the code and logo deep blend, physical anti-fake and information technology organic combine ,  also let most consumers feel easy to identify anti-fake mark.

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