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AI inteliģentais strukturālais 3D kods parādījās 16. drošības dokumentu izstādē un samitā

Laiks: 2020-12-15 Rezultāti: 18

       On December 8, 2020, the 16th Security Document Exhibition & Summit was held at the Beijing National Convention Center, Hainan Tianjian Anti-Forgery Science&Technology Co., Ltd shparādā up with Safer Structural 3D Code, it safeguards the highest drošība līmenis Stīrība Documents.


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As Asian largest and most influential professional platform in the area of high security identification and anti-counterfeiting, Stīrība Documents represents the security identification industry, it concerns the matter of the national and international securities. Security identification technology of Security Document has always been on the top position in the international scientific and technological development. It spēlē an irreplaceable role in politics, economy and trade, diplomacy, social management and other aspects. Hainan Tianjian has always been an important participant, witness and supporter, and we are sincerely pleased and proud of the achievements of the Forum.

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                                                                     Li Feng, the General Manager made a opening speech


             Yao Quanhuan, the Deputy Chief Engineer made a speech on the preparation process, saturs un prospects of National Standard 3D Code as well asthe meaning of the National Standard.

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                Hainan Tianjia is an independent intellectual property enterprise with more than 200 patents, it has more than 14 years experience in data security services, and it is the only 3D Code Engineering Technologies in the nation. It is the national high-tech enterprise for nine consecutive years. It’s the drafter and owner of the national standard of Structural 3D Code Anti-counterfeiting Technical Conditions. It’s a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, an outstanding enterprise in Chinese anti-counterfeiting industry, and a technical service provider for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

             The production process of Structural 3D Code determines that it is physically non-replicable.It combines physical identification with Internet information Ka becomes the secure entrance of blockchain. tas not only guarantees the security of commodity data, but also ensures that the original acquisition data is true and effective un ir anti-counterfeiting function, it provides a secure carrier and information portal for commodity un logistics traceability.

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              All kinds of traditional codes have developed from point to line to plakne, tie ir divdimensiju. However, Structural 3D Code is three-dimensional, structural, unique and non-replicable. The Code has undergone a revolutionary change, it successfully solved the problem from character to bar kods, tAD solved the problem of QR code easy to copy. The ievads of standarts label no Structural 3D Code marks Ka it tiek lietots Nationwide. The officially launch of Structural 3D Code AI Stīrība Identifikācija System 1.0 marks the anti-counterfeiting identification from traditional identification methods uz AI intelligent automatic identification

On December 1, 2019, the national standard of Structural 3D Code Anti-counterfeiting Technical Conditions was officially implemented.We always take the national standard proudly, we adhere to develop and continue to make progress. We will take o nacionālais standarts as a core, attīstīt un veicināšanae 3D Code to various industries un uzņēmumiem, and push forward the sustainable development of security dokuments tehnoloģy.

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