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Kiváló minőségű forró bélyegzőcímkék testreszabott hamisítás elleni holografikus qr kódcímke

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Hot-stamping holograms are stamped easily on surfaces like paper, plastic, PVC etc. These types of holograms are ideal for large scale applications through hot stamping machine.

All these hot-stamping holograms, once transferred on to the surface cannot be removed. it is like a permanent impression. 

Combine our patented materials and engraving techniques to prevent counterfeiting.


1. Specialty patterns is qr code combines anti-counterfeiting characters, totally secure and out of reach of the counterfeiters.

2. Make the packaging unique, shiny and high quality to increase your product’s value. 

3.The QR code can also be used for interactive marketing purposes. 

4. Fully customized graphics are available

5. We have a range of hot stamping foils that come in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

6. It can be integrated into a management system.


1. Anyag: PET 

2. Eco-friendly, No harmful substances such as formaldehyde 

3. Smooth face, vivid color, no shading 

4. water-proof, moisture-proof, Not foaming 

5.Type : roll form 


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