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This security label is innovatív termék kombinált multi-layer patented material and physical carving technology, amelyeknek van obtained national standard and international patent. 

A nemzeti szabványszám: GB / T37470-2019.

Nekünk van independent research institute, professional technical team and standardized production management rendszer to provide one-stop anti-counterfeiting solution.



1. Patented multi-layer material to ensure the anti-counterfeiting performance of this label.

2. Three dimensional colorful code is randomly carved by physical patented production process.

3. The height of each part of code is different ,it feels concave when touched by hand.

4. Each part of per code is different color, even we cannot produce two identical label.

5.Unique anti-counterfeiting features with unique serial number ensures uniqueness of this security label.

6. Beautiful hot stamping and hologram pattern enhance your brand image ,which can increase product value.

7. Scan code to verify authenticity easily through independent R&D AI recognition system.


Szoftver szolgáltatás:

1. Self-developed software management platform to meet customers’ various software requirements ,such as traceability, marketing and delivery management.

2. Our company uses multiple sets of servers for data sharing and backup to ensure data security and rendszer stabilitás.

3.Three sets of cloud servers (Amazon Cloud ,Alibaba Cloud & Tencent Cloud), one local server (four local power supply systems are used locally), and one national four-star IDC computer room server (on the national network trunk road).



Alkohol, Cigarette, Gyógyszer, Domestic appliance, Cosmetic ,Ticket and Certificate , etc


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