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Stainless Hlau Los tiv thaiv cuav qr Code aluminium blind Rivet

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1. The combination of rivets and anti-counterfeiting truly integrates anti-counterfeiting packaging.
2. The rivets are broken when opened and cannot be recycled.
3.They not only play the role of sealing and fixing, but also the role of anti-counterfeiting mark.


Khoom Specification:

khoom: Stainless hlau, hlau, Aluminium

Tag Nrho: Bright(Uncoated)

Qhov chaw ntawm keeb kwm: Hainan, Suav

Khoom npe: Anti-counterfeiting qr Code aluminum blind Rivet

Keyword: rivet

daim ntawv thov: Ntim Cov Thawv

feature: 3D QR code ,water proof

pab: ua kom ceev

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muaj nuj nqi
1.On the basis of realizing the functions of rivets, it also has functions such as anti- counterfeiting, traceability, intelligent channel control for goods, precise marketing, logistics management, marketing activities, and big data analysis.
2.Integrate the functions of rivets and anti-counterfeiting marks together with the online collection system of the production line to achieve real-time collection of product data.

daim ntawv thov:

Alcohol, Dairy product, Machine, Electric Appliances etc  

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