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Congratulation! Hainan Tianjan Anti-forgery Company Won Five-Star Excellency for Technology and Equipment of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry

Tempo: 2021-01-13 Golpea : 5


On November 3rd, the 2020 China Bebidas alcohólicas Industry Craftsmen Forum and Craftsmen Star Award Ceremony was grandly opened in the ancient city of Xi 'an. Hainan Tianjan Anti-forgery company was invited to attend the ceremony.


China Bebidas alcohólicas Industry Craftsman Forum 2020 foi sponsored by China Brewery Network, China Bebidas alcohólicas Industry Magazine, Alcohol Communication Association e outros provincial  municipal Alcohol associations. It is a technical exchange, promotion and commendation conference of Chinese alcol industria, Que cubrindo viños, beers, licors licores. Hainan Tianjian stood out in many Chinese alcoólatra empresas, was awarded Five-star Excellency for Technology and Equipment of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry.


É creates the new era with the spirit of craftsmanship, and pass down o hardworking attitude. Hainan Tianjan Anti-forgery company permanecers true to Seu original aspiration and keep Seu mission firmly in mind, será commit to o investigación e desenvolvemento   devote to produce best quality products for the anti-counterfeiting industry.