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Muutuv QR-koodi holograafiline turvasilt

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Our QR code holographic security labels provide solution for your brand and products, they are extremely difficult to duplicate due to high security feature, 3D dynamic image & embedded QR Code. 

holographic security labels are combined with systems commonly used for product tracking, item identification,document management, and general marketing. 

They are also used on packaging for promotion and decoration due to high visual appeal.


1. Each label have a unique QR code, so as to help manage different batches of products, prevent counterfeiting and cross-region sales.

2.Holographic images are in rainbow and perspective with different viewing angle.

3. Anti-counterfeiting features generated by hologram vivid effect..

4. security hologram is available to customize( uniqe logo,serial numbers ,graphics, security features, etc )


1. Materjal: PET

2. Design: Free Design,100% custom hologram design and image.

3. Color: Silver or golden or transparent, other color could be customized.

4. Quality: High quality and competitive price,Fully enclosed production line.


Widely applied for logistics management, commodity turnover and tracement, QR code payment, coupon, tickets, advertisement and many other fields.

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