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Prilagođena naljepnica s holografskim naljepnicama koja se može odštampati protiv krivotvorenja

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Customized registered and unregistered designs of Holographic Hot Stamping Foil gives your brand a distinctive decorative edge over competitors, adds brand value and increase sales. Here, you can always find a perfect design for your application.


1.Various patterns ranging from dots, squares, cracked ice, rainbow, pillars of light, snowflakes, swirls, etc

2.Width , core, and the distance between individual holograms of Hot Stamping Foil are determined by you.

3.Your logo or image can be designed

4.Hot stamping foils are available in gold, silver, and a range of other metallic colours.

5.Hot stamping foils are applied using heat and pressure (hot stamping).

6.The holographic image cannot be removed from the substrate without leaving visible signes of tamping. 

7. We supplied hot stamping foils in roll form.

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1. Materijal: PET 

2. Ujednačena debljina

3. Fine finishing

4. Aesthetic look

5.Embedded with security features (Guilloche, Micro text, Hidden text, etc)


cigarette packet, carton packaging, greeting cards, wedding cards, Pharma Labels ,branded products, certificates, tickets, paperback books, selling promotion, profiling products, cosmetic, advertising.

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