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Skeurband met drukbriewe

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As an eye-catcher,tear tape combines the advantages of an easy opening solution to ensure your product and brand security. our tear tapes have emerged as one of the most preferred tapes for high-quality packaging requirements. 


1. Available to customize with your logo, color, size.

2. Makes easy opening for flexible packaging.

3.Some sophisticated inks and print,laser techniques can be employed to create striking visual effects.

4. A perfect combination of security authentication & products promotion.


1.Material: BOPP

2. Thickness: 25-40UM 

3. Width:1.5mm-5.0mm 

4. Length:5,000m-70,000m 

5.Service: Free sample for machine test 


Including fast-moving consumers goods, cosmetic, tobacco & tea packaging , food, personal care & cosmetics, and more

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