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Fabriek hoofproduk plakker druk struktuur 3D-kode anti-vals kleinhandel sekuriteitsetikette

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This general 3D code security label is an innovative technology, which protected by international patent. They are hot selling because of unique design and AI recognition. We can offer a variety of exciting extras such as online games ,lucky draw and more through this color qr code, Take advantage of our innovation and expertise to help gain strong returns on your promotional investments.


1. The anti-counterfeiting elements and information sets on the material are physical .

2. the variable colorful qr code is concave, more exquisite and more security than common qr code. 

3. Each label is unique ,three-dimensional ,structural and can't be copied.

4. Can easily detect counterfeit by hand touching and AI recognition system.

5. Can track your assets or enhance the retail experience of your product.


1. Material:multilayer structured paper

2. The visual effect is unique and beautiful.

3.customizd size to match your product.

4. Eco-friendly, waterproof, tamper Evident.

5.Anti-counterfeiting, promotional. 

6.MOQ: 1000 stuks


Widely use in Cloth ,Toys, Shoes, Bags, Cosmetics, Tobacco ,Liquor, Electronic product, Passport, and Certificate , etc

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