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High Quality Waterproof Tracable Authentic Sequential Variable Data Qr Sticker Label Link to customer's Website

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Products Description 
Material: PET and multi-layer patented paper
Advanced technology: Patented carving 
Color: Multi-color (black, green, red ,blue and white) or customized
Size: 12mm X 12mm or customized
Process: Design confirmation→produce→Quality control→Packing→Shipping
Die cutting: Sheet or roll as your need
Features: QR code, colorful, water proof, tamper proof, Eco-friendly
Function: Anti-counterfeiting,marketing campaigns, Traceability,etc
Certificate: ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001
Free sample: Available
Delivery time: 7-15 working days depending on the quantity


1. It is our multi-layer patented material ,which has obtained national standard and international patent.
2. The QR code is randomly carved by patented production technology.
3. The height of each part of the Qr code is different, and it feels concave when touched by hand.
4. Each part of the QR code is different in color, we cannot produce two identical labels.
5. The high visual appeal enhance your brand image and increase the value of your product.
6. Scan code to verify authenticity easily through AI recognition system.



1. We have our own research institutions and technology development team to meet the needs of customized software, such as marketing activities, delivery and dealer management ,etc
2. Our company uses multiple sets of servers for data sharing and backup to ensure data security and system stability.
3. Three sets of cloud servers (Tencent Cloud, and Amazon Cloud and Alibaba Cloud), one local server (four local power supply systems are used locally), and one national four-star IDC computer room server (on the national network trunk road).



Application: Alcohol, Medicine, Cosmetic, Domestic appliance, Ticket and Certificate, etc






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