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Factory Newest Customise Label Top Quality Anti-counterfeiting Paper 3D Sticker Label Verify Authenticity

It is widely used in clothing, food, electronic goods, cosmetics, liquor, toys, tobacco, certificate, home appliance, chemical, etc.

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Material: PET

Usage: Custom Sticker

Type: Adhesive Sticker

Feature: Anti-counterfeit, brand protection

Custom Order: Accept

Place of Origin: Hainan, China

Product name: Security seal label

Shape: Flat or customized

Size: 22mm*35mm or customized

Pattern: Customized

Label shapes: Rectangle

Quality: High

Finished Form: Roll supply

Industry Application: Alcohol, Cigarette, Medicine, Domestic, Appliance, Cosmetic, Tickets etc.    

Other Available: UV print, 3D code

Certification: ISO9001



Patent material for multi-layer structure


Multicolor (Green, red and blue)


22mm X 35mm

Label shapes





Anti-counterfeit, brand protection

Finished Form

Roll supply

Industry Application

Alcohol & Cigarette, Medicine, Pharmaceutical,   Domestic appliance, Cosmetic, Ticket and Certificate, etc.

Other Available

UV print , 3D code


Mini logo

Security thread

Your logo

Security shaping as your requirement

Structural 3D code

1. It is the proprietary structural material, and we have the international invention patent.

2. The anti-counterfeiting elements and information sets are randomly carved on the material by a physical way.

3. Different parts of the character are randomly presented with different heights and different colors structural features.

4. Each label is UNIQUE, Three-dimensional, Structural and NON-REPRODUCIBLE.




It will Protect your brand.

Anti-channel conflict

It will help you optimize sales channels and provide a safe and stable space for your brand promotion.

Track and trace solutions

It will help you to track and trace the products at each and every point in the supply chain. (warehouse→logistic express→distributor→retailer→end user).

Big data collection and analysis

Collect the data from the real world, Understand your consumers' behavior, Measure your marketing performance, Evaluate product lines, Achieve Precision marketing and profit maximization.

Multilevel channel management

Through the online data acquisition and RFID system, help you effectively manage the production information, logistics flow between dealers at all levels and terminal stores, inventory at all levels and delivery data.

Software Services

说明: E:谷歌相关新建文件夹1.jpg

Step1 Scan the QR code to verify the authenticity by mobile phone.


说明: E:谷歌相关新建文件夹2.jpg

Step2 Verify authenticity according to above prompts

Competitive Advantage

1.    This structural 3D code label is an innovative product, which is combined multi-layer patented material with latest productive technology, making it unviable to be copied. 

2.    Each 3D code is unique, eco-friendly and three-dimensional. It is protected by national standard and international patent.

3.    We can provide application to scan the QR code and verify the authenticity of the sticker.

4.    It can also link to your website to view other products and promote your products, trace the original sources, warehouse and data management.

National Standard


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