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Customised Security Characteristic Design Scratch Off Security Sticker with QR Code Traceable Data

It is widely used in clothing, food, electronic goods, cosmetics, liquor, toys, tobacco, certificate, home appliance, chemical, etc.

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Scratch Off Labels provide evidence of tampering and keep the data secure. They are usually for security verification & promotional purpose. For security verification, passwords will be shown when scratch off, which is suitable to brand products, to protect from copycats; and for promotional purpose, prizes or gifts will be shown when scratch off, which is suitable to push sales.


1. The sticker with scratch area, and we can print the security code under the scratch.

2. Security code is covered by silver layer, you can scratch off the coating to obtain the security code.

3. The security characters on each label are different. Even we cannot make 2 identical labels.

4. Each label has a unique QR code, which can realize anti-counterfeiting query, shipping management and traceability.

5. Scan QR code to verify authenticity by checking character consistency

6. The sticker is available to customize (unique logo, serial numbers, graphics, security features, etc.)


Your Logo

Variable QR code and scan it to enter the interface of your company

Random serial number can use to verify the authenticity

Multiple ways of verification

Patented multi-layer structural material

Customized security shading

Security characters can be chosen accordingly

Software service: 

1. Self-developed software management platform to meet customers’ various software requirements, such as traceability, marketing and delivery management.

2. Our company uses multiple sets of servers for data sharing and backup to ensure data security and system stability.

3. Three sets of cloud servers (Amazon Cloud, Alibaba Cloud & Tencent Cloud), one local server (four local power supply systems are used locally), and one national four-star IDC computer room server (on the national network trunk road).


Software services

Scan the QR code to verify the authenticity and enter your website to take the lucky draw, collect points and other promotions.


Step1 Scan the QR code to verify the authenticity by mobile phone.


 Step2 Verify the authenticity follow the instructions.


 Step3 Enter the verification code in the box and press confirm.


 Step4 Get a certain number of points


Food, gifts, bottle beverage, medicine shipping, etc.





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