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Hot sale 3D pattern hologram technologies tamper evident label warranty void stickers

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 Substrate material
 80g glassine
 Holographic sticker , tamper proof sticker
 Custom order
 Silver , yellow , blue ,green ,etc.
 Rectangle ,round as your need
 Roll or sheet
 Warranty security label
 Anti-counterfeit , broken if removed
 Surface finishing
 30 X 15 mm or customized

1. When the void label is removed, these labels leave a hidden message stuck to the surface, identifying the package or product tampering.

2.This label have unique image on the void surface, which gets imprinted on the surface even after peeling off.

3.Unique serial number can be printed on the void label.

4.The hidden messages such as “Opened “ can be customized.

5. Avoiding counterfeiting ,protecting products against tampering and combating fraud.

Our Hologram technologies:

Raster / 2D background / Dot-matrix / Matt dynamic / Microtext / Patterns switch /

Hidden text / 3D pattern / Lens / Hologram embossed / etc...


Widely Used in Cloth, Toys, Shoes, Bags, Cosmetics, Tobacco  and Liquor, Electronic

Product, Passport and Certificate etc.

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