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Holographic void security label

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Our warranty labels prevent the unwanted tampering of your products by providing clear sign of breach following its removal. The warning on the front of the tamper evident label provides indication of the consequences. A body of text informs of the warranty void when the security seal has been tampered with or removed. This provides clear evidence which protects your liability as a company.


1. When the void label is removed, these labels leave a hidden message stuck to the surface, identifying the package or product tampering.

2.This label have unique image on the void surface, which gets imprinted on the surface even after peeling off.

3.Unique serial number can be printed on the void label.

4.The hidden messages such as “Opened “ can be customized.

5.Only one time use.


1. unique and eye-catching design.

2.high strength adhesive.

3. Scuff and Scratch Resistance.

4. PET or PVC plastic raw material, Moisture and water proof.

5. Unique identity with imprinted serial number and images

6.Can be supplier with special pattern 

7.Available in sheet and roll form


Wide range of applications, such as Electronic Equipment, Manufacturing Products, Home appliances, Rental Equipment, Computers, Laptops and so on.

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