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Factory anti-fake label scratch off qr code barcode number security sticker

It is widely used in clothing, food, electronic goods, cosmetics, liquor, toys, tobacco, certificate, home appliance, chemical, etc.

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PET and multi-layer patented paper

Advanced technology

Patented carving


Multicolor (black, green, red ,blue and white) or customized


25.4mm X25.4mm or customized


Design confirmation→produce→Quality control→Packing→Shipping

Die cutting

Sheet or roll as your need


3D QR code, holographic, colorful, water proof, tamper proof, Eco-friendly


Anti-counterfeiting, marketing campaigns, Traceability, etc


ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001

Free sample


Delivery time

7-15 working days depending on the quantity


Alcohol, Medicine, Cosmetic, Domestic appliance, Ticket and Certificate, etc.

1.The material is PET and multi-layer paper which has gained patented material.

2. The pattern of each QR code is formed in different colours and features, it cannot be copied.

3. Each QR code is unique and three-dimensional. They are also eco-friendly, waterproof and one time use only.


Ways of verifying authenticity:

Except the verification of the sticker, we also provide other software services such as marketing campaigns like reward points, red envelope activity, lucky draw, track and trace solution, channeling warning, big data analysis, etc.


Competitive Advantage

1.    This structural 3D code label is an innovative product, which is combined multi-layer patented material with latest productive technology, making it unviable to be copied. 

2.    Each 3D code is unique, eco-friendly and three-dimensional. It is protected by national standard and international patent.

3.    We can provide application to scan the QR code and verify the authenticity of the sticker.

4.    It can also link to your website to view other products and promote your products, trace the original sources, warehouse and data management.

Application of Industry:

Widely used in packages of clothing, Toys, Shoes, Bags, Cosmetics, Tobacco, Liquor, Electronic product, Passport, and Certificate, etc.




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