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Customized good quality qr code anti-counterfeiting label PVC shrink cap seal

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1. Anti-counterfeit label make shrink cap more unique.

2. The numbers on label with random angles and colors . You can feel concave when touched them by hand.

3.Each QR code on label is unique, it can link to your website or wherever you want.

4. Scanning QR code to verify authenticity by checking numbers consistency.





 PVC + Anti-counterfeiting label





 Label shapes





 Anti-counterfeit, brand protection, Bottle mouth seal

 Other Available

 Shrink cap,UV print , QR code

 Industry Application

 Wine, champagne and other bottled drinks

E11- 5_看图王 

Software services:

We have independent research institutions and technology development team to meet the needs of customized software, such as traceability, delivery managementdistributor management, and intelligent channel control for goods, etc.



Wine, champagne and other bottled drinks


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