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Won The Title of Premium Supplier of Tobacco Packaging in 2019

Time : 2019-08-20 Hits : 81

Hainan Tianjian Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd. won the title of premium supplier of tobacco packaging in 2019

“Zijiang Penlv” seminar on the latest development trend of tobacco packaging in 2019 and “Kuanzhai””Tianjian” 2018 annual tobacco packaging series selection activities" award ceremony." Shengde night "tobacco packaging selection activity Gala party," Haocai ink "tobacco packaging calligraphy and painting, photography charity auction activity on August 20-24, 2019 held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Hainan Tianjian Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd. is invited to participate as Tobacco standard name enterprises.

At the meeting, Mr. Li Feng, the general manager of Hainan Tianjian Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd. made a speech and expressed deeply grateful to all the guests .

Mr. Li Feng awarded the honorary certificate to the winning enterprise

Hainan Tianjian Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd won the title of "Premium Supplier" of Tobacco Packaging in 2018

Hainan Tianjian Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. was again awarded the title of "Quality Supplier" for tobacco packaging, marking that Hainan Tianjian is in a leading position in the tobacco packaging industry, and at the same time, it has increased the core competitiveness of the enterprise. 

In the future, the high-quality products of Hainan Tianjian will be familiar to more consumers and gradually go international. We will continue to improve product quality requirements, continue to adhere to scientific innovation and intelligent development, create brand advantages for enterprises, and create good social benefits.