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Why Choose Structured 3D Code Security Labels?

Time : 2020-05-08 Hits : 78

With the increase of brand importance in Enterprises, The role of anti-counterfeiting labels is more prominent. Recently, the news about the structured 3D code is sweeping across the country. What is the structured 3D code? What's the difference between it and the qr code security label on the market?


structured 3D code is difficult to forge and easy to identify, It is structural, three-dimensional, unique and non replicable, and has advantages in security and convenience.


1. Perfect anti-counterfeiting effect: the authentic anti-counterfeiting elements and information collection are physically random carved into different color stacks On   material with multiple anti-counterfeiting structures, so that different parts of it show different shades and different colors.The combination patterns of colors and the resulting structural are unique, non-reproducible. It creates a natural barrier for the product at the entrance, and truly achieves product access.


2. Powerful function: users can choose the functions such as identity authentication, logistics management, marketing activity management, big data collection and analysis after activating the structural 3D code. When consumers get a product, scan the structural 3D code on the product, they will know which terminal store the product was from.


3. Product verification:

"Face" verification: as an information security entrance, structural 3D code creating a unique "face" for each product. By verifying the product's "face", it creates a solid barrier for the product at the source.

"Face" purchase: structural 3D code establishes its own marketing system for production enterprises and provides consumers with a genuine network service system. Consumers can purchase products safely by verifying their "face".