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Structured 3D code- Set off a new climax of anti-counterfeiting technology in China

Time : 2020-05-07 Hits : 71

Counterfeiting -- in China, its harm has exceeded smuggling, its annual loss of profits has exceeded several hundred billion yuan,has caused tax loss of over tens of billion yuan to the country, and it is impossible to prevent it. There are many unclear enterprises and consumers who suffer from it and suffer heavy losses.

The anti-counterfeiting market emerges as the times require. With the development of the times, the fields of anti-counterfeiting technology are gradually upgraded, such as optics, chemistry, electromagnetics, microelectronics, computer technology, spectrum technology, etc. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting technology has become a professional discipline. A number of advanced new technologies, materials and processes have been gradually applied to the field of anti-counterfeiting, playing an important role in anti-counterfeiting.

The first generation:physical security

The cost is too low and easy to copy. It can be directly torn off and pasted on fake goods.

The second generation: QR code anti-counterfeiting

The printer can copy and imitate, the data is easy to be copied, security performance is low.

The third generation: structured 3D code anti-counterfeiting

Internet + 3D code stereo security

Structured 3D code -- large data storage capacity

High data write security

"AI" verification, anti-counterfeiting traceability, marketing interaction, data intelligent management

Tianjian is based on the actual situation and devoted to research. The anti-counterfeiting weapon structure 3D code has been successfully developed. Let all problems be solved!

Structurad 3D code is the third generation innovation and upgrading of 2D code anti-counterfeiting technology. It has applied for several invention patents and is the national anti-counterfeiting technical standard. Structured 3D code anti-counterfeiting is completely beyond the existing anti-counterfeiting means of 2D code, leading the anti-counterfeiting technology revolution with cross era significance! It can be called anti fake packaging black technology!

Structurad 3D code adopts multi-layer color structure material, which is randomly carved in deep and light. It is three-dimensional and unique. Fragile anti-counterfeiting technology is open and destroyed, which makes counterfeiters unable to reuse. It is supported by a powerful anti-counterfeiting technology platform, with large data capacity, anti-counterfeiting traceability, marketing interaction and intelligent data analysis management. Enterprises and consumers do not need to download apps to occupy the memory of mobile phones. As long as the mobile phones open wechat scanning and verify the authenticity through AI face brushing, they can easily read product information. Structure 3D code combined with big data enables enterprises to put products on the market more accurately, realize intelligent management, improve the information accuracy of goods in storage, reduce the loss of logistics goods; it can not only trace the source of anti-counterfeiting, but also push advertising activities to interact with consumers, open the closed-loop online and offline, and make marketing more exciting.

We believe that Structurad 3D code will completely change the existing anti-counterfeiting technology, and crack down heavily on the counterfeiting and profit-making market of bad businesses.

The structurad 3D code has a positive reputation for the corporate image, more intelligent management and more influential brand sales, so that consumers' life can bring a clear and assured authentic experience.