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"Three-dimensional code" gives the product an "irreproducible face"

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According to the news of the CPC Central Committee on Cyber Security and National internet information office of the People's Republic of China: 

"Three-dimensional code" gives the product an "irreproducible face"

(Source: Economic Daily) The structural 3D code not only realizes the deep integration of code and logo in terms of technical innovation, but also realizes the organic combination of physical anti-counterfeiting and information technology. It also allows consumers to feel easy-to-recognize anti-counterfeiting logos and has a good application prospect.

Easy to scan, with all the information. In recent years, with the development of the Internet and the popularity of smart phones, the application of QR code is more and more extensive. Among them, QR code is often used in the field of commodity anti-fake field, by establishing an independent ID for each commodity to verify the authenticity of the goods. However, ordinary QR code is easy to be tampered with and copied. Although it can be encrypted technically, there are still many ways to forge QR code, which makes it difficult to distinguish the true from the false, and damages the interests of businesses and consumers.

The security of ordinary QR code is not enough, can 3D code be solved? In fact, 3D code anti-fake technology has already used in our life. In May this year, the National Anti-fake Standardization Technical Committee added a new National Anti-fake Standard - "Structural 3D Code Anti -fake Technical Conditions". It is reported that the standard was approved and issued by the State Administration of Market Supervision and the State Standards Commission on May 10, and formal implemented on December 1, 2019. Standards lead the innovation and development of anti-fake products and standardizing the effective application of anti-fake technologies, provide a fair market order for safeguarding consumers' rights, strong support for protecting intellectual property rights and provides strong support to cracking down on counterfeit.

Mr, Li Feng, general manager of Hainan Tianjian Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd. the main drafter of the standard unit introduced that from bar code, QR code to "structural 3D code" development process ,it has experienced the transformation of line -plane-space. One-dimension code, combined with computer technology, can quickly mark and read the information of commodities, which is planar; QR code has expanded the application scope of one dimension code, become a security information entry, but QR code itself does not have anti-fake ability, it is a planar. Counterfeiters can also through QR guided consumers into the authenticity verification process, so the anti-fake ability greatly weakened.

So, how can we make a product have QR code storage function and anti-fake function? "Structural 3D code" can realize above two function." The inspiration of the" Structured 3D code" comes from water splashing, throw stones into the water, the water splashes, the high always different. " Li Feng told reporters that "Structural 3D code" use structural multilayer paper ,integrate the anti-fake elements and information, to carve anti-fake elements and information sets randomly in physical way, so that different parts randomly present structural features of different depths and colors, and then use AI intelligent identification to identify the structural combination features formed by this technology, finally very product   have own ID and can't copy. On the basis of QR code technology, "Structured 3D code" have further innovative development ,which better solves the problem of easy replication of ordinary QR code, and has the characteristics of structural, tridimensional, unique and difficult replication. 

According to Yin Minghan, inspector of the standard Technology Department ,General Administration of market supervision,"Anti-counterfeiting technical conditions of structural 3D code"  stipulates the technical requirements for the term and definition, product classification, product appearance quality, product characteristic index, anti-fake identification feature, test method and inspection rules of "structural 3D code", which is another important national standard in the field of anti-fake in China, it is of great significance to  guide the technical popularitized and applied, to standardize the production and inspection of related products.

Liu Zhuohui, chairman of China anti-counterfeiting Industry Association and chairman of national anti-counterfeiting Standardization Technical Committee, said," Although it's just a small 3D code, it contained complex technology like a chip. such anti-fake technology also has intellectual property rights. example, in foreign, standard anti-fake marks were printed in the packaging of  developed high-end drugs ,once there is a dispute about counterfeit goods in court, there is no need to argue at all, just  need display the  anti-fake marks technology ,the counterfeiters will have nothing to say at once.

Consumers can security trading by "scan the code", manufacturers carry out precision marketing and management by "scan the code", and government regulatory departments implement regulation by "scan the code". "structure 3D code" has become useful tool for consumers to buy products, the embodiment of enterprise commodity quality assurance, and the platform for honest communication between government supervision departments and the whole society.

The emergence of "structural 3D code" technology injected fresh blood into the Internet and blockchain, provided further guarantee for the authenticity and security of data. At present, anti-fake products have been applied in alcohol, food, tobacco, daily chemical, home appliances, tickets, medicine, clothing and other industries in our country, and the market reflects well. " Liu told reporters.