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"Five Weapons" of Structural 3D Code

Time : 2020-05-08 Hits : 78

1. Anti-counterfeiting query

One item and one code,scanning again will prompt that the record has been scanned, to prevent the QR code from being copied, users query is more easy.the verification is simple, intuitive and reliable, can solve the brand image crisis easily.

2. Product traceability

The enterprise can record the production process, destination, batch, manufacturer, production date and other information through the system of Structural 3D code. The core data is independently controlled by the enterprise, and provides consumers with the product process display. Consumers can scan Structural 3D code to query product information, and play a role in purchasing with confidence.


3. Cargo tracking

Let the user become the market inspector and captures the user's geographic location through the system .compares the flow of this product in the database , it will automatically alarm when it is inconsistencies .Compared with the traditional method of inspecting the country by inspectors, the coverage is wider and the cost is lower.

4. Marketing interaction

System integration WeChat, Alipay and other mainstream electronic red envelope marketing are more powerful, and there are more fresh gift resources such as partner game merchant gift packages, and more support for online event self-configuration, diverse gameplay, online product promotion, gift feedback, customer acknowledgement, and award Questions and answers and other activities.

5. Brand promotion

Structured 3D code scan code display, companies can use video, pictures, text, sound and other forms of communication to show information to users, open up a new path for corporate brand building, and help companies improve their brand image Medium.