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Find Us at the 15th Annual Conference Of Packaging and Printing in 2019

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Hainan Tianjian Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd. attended the 15th Annual Conference Of Packaging and Printing in 2019

From October 9th to 11th, 2019, the 15th Annual Conference Of Packaging and Printing& 2019 Chinese Medicine Packaging And Printing was held in Tianjin. Hainan Tianjian Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd. was invited to attend the conference as a co- organizer, and gave the keynote speech of "Anti -fake starts from the entrance – structural 3D code".

Yao quanhuan, deputy chief engineer of Hainan Tianjian  Anti-Forgery Science &Technology Co.,Ltd.  gave a report of  " Anti -fake starts from the entrance – structural  3D code".

Since the beginning of this year, the central leadership has repeatedly issued instructions for green packaging, express packaging, and over-packaging of goods. In order to reduce the consumption of packaging product resources and the generation of pollutants from the source, promote the green and high-quality development of the packaging industry. The packaging industry must accelerate the promotion of green packaging design, increase the effective supply of green packaging products, improve the level of green manufacturing in the packaging industry, improve the level of intelligent manufacturing in the packaging industry, and actively cultivate leading backbone enterprises.

Green packaging and intelligent packaging will be the main driving force development of packaging industry in the future. Around the reduction, recycling, circulation and other green packaging core elements, accelerate the development of ecological packaging design, green packaging materials and recycling technology. Recycling economy will become the main mode of the development of packaging industry, recycling packaging waste resources will realize industrialization, and green packaging materials will be vigorously developed.

In the future, Hainan Tianjian will strengthen our conviction and focus on the development goals of high-quality green and intelligent packaging. We will not forget our original intention and move forward, and work with industry colleagues to promote the development of the printing and packaging industry and write a new chapter