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3D Code Traceability System

Time : 2020-05-11 Hits : 103

The product traceability system is based on Internet technology and uses computer programming software to establish a traceability file which includes the source code , product name, affiliated distributor, detailed introduction of the product, and even includes the quality characteristics of the product, product processing, and product production. And sales channels can be traced, which is convenient for consumers to query and supervise.


The premise of traceability is to ensure that the entrance is true. If not, then all traceable archive information is not protected, and traceability will no longer make sense.

Tianjian 3D code can ensure entrance security!

Using online acquisition system and RFID system to help enterprises quickly control all levels of channels. Effectively manage the logistics flow of products between the original factory and all levels of dealers, terminal stores, inventory of each dealer, delivery data and other information, and carry out clear and efficient management of dealers. Tianjian 3D code can trace the source, realize the effective integration of internal and external resources of the enterprise, and can trace the company's human, financial, material, production, supply, sales and corresponding product traceability, logistics, information flow, capital flow, management flow Etc. tightly integrated to achieve resource optimization and sharing.

The entrance of the traceable anti-counterfeiting system is a safe 3D code. Under the safe entrance, enrich the traceability information of the product, promote the brand building and the standardization development of the product. At the same time, the richer the traceability information of the product, the easier it will be for consumers to trace and inquire. For the management users who use the system, they only need to understand simple computer operation knowledge, enter the system through the 3D code of Tianjian or a browser, and operate the contents of the system through the visual interface to add, delete, modify and check various information.